COMMUNIQUÉ: Wirecard boon will be expanded with innovative value-added services

 Wirecard boon will be expanded with innovative value-added services

Wirecard, the specialist in digital financial technologies, will expand its own boon mobile payment application with innovative features: since November of this year, boon users can not only receive microcredits in real time – all iOS boon users also have the option to use the virtual credit card, which is based on the application, to pay in online stores. A new peer-to-peer transaction function will also be available as an additional value-added service.

To date, boon has been purely a paid application, but is now being converted into a mobile application that combines a variety of banking and payment services. For example, in the future an innovative and intelligent rating process will allow verification of the creditworthiness of the users in a matter of seconds to provide immediate flexible discoveries. This means that users can pay at any time with their boon application, since the amount of the approved loan is added directly to the prepaid boon account. The added value service will be offered in Spain starting in November and will be completed in all other countries where boon will be available later.

In addition, boon users can start and close the online payment function comfortably in the application. After starting the function, the credit card is immediately ready to use. The credit card number is copied into the application and can be added through the user’s smartphone to the respective online store where a payment must be made. Using Digital Mastercard does not incur additional charges for the user. So far, this feature is now available for Android users.

The new peer-to-peer transaction feature will also be available to all boon users early next year, so boon users can send quantities to each other in real time.

The new peer-to-peer transaction feature will also be available to all boon users early next year, so boon users can send quantities to each other in real time.

Georg von Waldenfels, Executive Vice President of Consumer Solutions at Wirecard: “As already announced, boon is continuously expanding with new services to make this mobile payment solution even more appealing to our users.” By adding micro-credits to boon, We can allow users to conveniently secure short-term financing to complete a purchase.For us, it is important to provide the microcredit without delay and ensure transparency regarding loan terms.We also expect extended availability of the prepaid credit card virtual boon – users will have more flexibility and will be able to use boon in the point of sale, as well as in electronic commerce for payment Peer transactions complete the offer, with this boon becomes a universal application in everyday life. “

boon is the only fully digitized mobile payment solution in the European market that is completely independent of any bank. Since 2015, Boon has been successfully released in stages as an Android application in Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland, while another version is also available for use with Apple Pay in the UK, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.



The prodigious, but obviously false, longevity of the Hunza

Hunza Within the mysterious and more legendary mysteries , the type of Loch Ness Monster or Abominable Snowman , there is the existence of a people of legend (never better said) whose amazing longevity has been resting on dietary issues . I mean the Hunza.

The geographical region exists, the Hunza Valley , nestled at a considerable altitude within the framework of a mountainous valley within Pakistan. As there is also an autochthonous population that is called the Hunza people . The fact is that this town has been resting a series of prodigies among which highlight their extreme longevity encrypted on many occasions beyond 120 years, as well as a special appearance of youth despite his advanced age and do not suffer from diseases . The causes that are usually used to justify these wonders are varied, among the most common is their particular dietetic style of which they have pointed “secrets” several: since their diet is especially sparing in calories , to barely consume protein of animal origin being their dietary pattern mainly vegetarian, going through the usual periods of fasting or the exceptional characteristics of the water they consume . In particular, in reference to water, the explanations are the most varied and fun: some highlight its richness in cesium, others say that coming from the glaciers of the Himalayas, the water has a different viscosity with a higher alkaline pH , others that high levels of active hydrogen , others that have a negative redox potential and others that the content of this water is especially rich in colloidal minerals (whatever these alleged water properties imply about longevity and the possibility of getting sick ). Internet, inexhaustible source of myths and various justifications, offers a wide sample of what I mention; You have some examples in this link or in this one .

The truth about the Hunza

<strong>The truth about the Hunza</strong>

Rather than look for the true reasons for its exceptional longevity, it would be necessary to question whether this people really lives so long and in such good health . And the real answer is that of that nothing. On the contrary, there are data that claim that the Hunza have a half life below the average age of first world populations and that they also get sick like every neighbor . Many times those diseases that are especially prevalent in this population are the result, precisely, of a diet with many deficiencies.

Living with the hundreds of pages that swarm on the Internet about this fantastic legend that incessantly repeat the same words but without providing any evidence, are also the experiences of one John Clark in his work Hunza – Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas. pdf (Hunza: The Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas) recapitulates, in a kind of logbook, their experiences after 20 months of coexistence in the heart of the Hunza back in the decade of the 50s. In this work the Dr. Clark accounts for the frequent diseases observed in this town among which stand out: dysentery, ringworm, impetigo, cataracts, eye infections, tuberculosis, scurvy, malaria, dental caries, goiter, bronchitis, sinusitis, beriberi, pneumonia … among others. While it is true that the largest of these diseases are infectious and degenerative (as much or more likely as a function of age) is not aware of psychosomatic pathologies more typical of Westernized civilizations. Thus, in this study Hunza – a healthy and a long living people (Hunza – a healthy and long-lived people) a series of Bulgarian researchers apparently account for this fact: the Hunza does not present psychosomatic diseases as a result of stress … although, everything is What to say, in this publication is still attributed to the Hunza a life especially happy and long-lived.

On its exceptional longevity, the incontestable fact is that beyond the gossip that grows with a snowball effect , nobody at all has been able to present a single tangible proof that it is a reality . It would be enough with a family photo in which eight generations could be seen together : the great patriarch (or the great matriarch) with 145 years, his son of 125; his grandson of 105; his great grandson of 85; his great-great-grandson of 65; his chozno of 45; the son of his hut of 25 and; finally the grandson of his chozno of 5 years. That easy”.

Moreover, going back to the writing of John Clark, this account (page 170) of a particular survey among the nine children who attend the classes he had established and asked about the family members who had lost . His result was quite eloquent: a first child had lost his mother, three brothers and two sisters; the second to a brother and sister; the third to his mother, two brothers and two sisters; the fourth to his mother and a sister; the fifth to a sister and a brother; the sixth to his mother, two brothers and one sister; the seventh to two brothers; the eighth to a brother and; the ninth to his father. Significant.

In summary

&lt;strong&gt;In summary&lt;/strong&gt;We are no longer in the nineteenth or mid-twentieth century when the first western explorers ventured into those remote lands. With rationality in hand, I think it is quite clear that if something truly exceptional was being cooked in this untamed region, we would already be investigating (or it would have already been done). Now, talking about dietary issues to explain their exceptional longevity when the cause of deserving it is not only questioned, but everything points to it is more false than a bill of 13 euros, it has no meaning.

Perhaps, to know that this town sits where, more or less, it is assumed that this fictional place described in the 1934 novel Lost Horizons , known as Shangri-La (mythical utopia located in the Himalayan environment consisting of a land), would be found. of permanent happiness, isolated from the outside world and whose inhabitants are almost immortal) is partly to blame.

Work begins at Can Batlló

The transformation of the old Can Batlló factory, in the Barcelona neighborhood of La Bordeta (Sants-Montjuïc), is progressing little by little. The financial commitment of the Barcelona City Council to the neighbors , organized around the Recovery Platform Can Batlló , is to invest about 120,000 euros in repairing works of Block 11. It is the only ship already open to the neighborhood, which ‘conquered’ the neighbors by threatening to ‘squat’ if the majority ownership of the site, the real estate Gaudir, not yielded and unraveled the long-awaited remodeling plan.

The works begin this Monday, January 9, under the direction of a municipal architect

The works begin this Monday, January 9, under the direction of a municipal architect

carried out by an external construction company and with a calendar agreed with the neighborhood. According to municipal sources, they will last two months and consist of repairing the ceramic roof, fixing dampness, improving the exterior insulation and removing two tanks. Simultaneously, four more workers began to work, former unemployed contracted with Occupation Plans of Barcelona Activa through Pla de Barris granted by the Generalitat to La Bordeta (2007-2012). The Platform will be able to count on them during six months so that they do technical works within the ceded ship.

Both groups will be accompanied by visits from several brigades of volunteer neighbors, who take all summer and autumn adapting interiors and accesses to advance slaughter and not have to go to tow the municipal tempo. Group afternoons and Saturdays that can and have the weekly supervision of a group of six young architects. Half are part of the collective of architects LaCol , who provides free advice on several neighborhood projects in Sants. The rest are two architecture students from Vallès and a Californian master’s student at UPC. “An interior designer of the neighborhood also collaborates with us, who has offered to project some of the most delicate rooms, such as the future Espai de Criança,” explains Pol Massoni, one of the oldest LaCol members in Can Batlló.

The direction of the works officially falls to a municipal architect

The direction of the works officially falls to a municipal architect

but Massoni controls the evolution of the arrangements and coordinates the work of external workers with that of the volunteers. “There are three different intervention scales – municipal, contracted and voluntary – that must be coordinated to save time, distributing the tasks according to their difficulty”, he describes. Volunteers do the simplest, such as painting, cleaning or dismantling useless elements, although some members of the Platform are paddles and plumbers and perform small more complicated jobs. The workers of the Occupation Plans are “specialists in various fields, qualified people, and are basically responsible for fixing the interior of the block,” says the architect. “The City Council focuses on the exteriors and the façade, because they are the most far-reaching works and those that concern them the most in terms of heritage”, remarks.

Three more ships and transfer of the library

Three more ships and transfer of the libraryUntil Monday, and counting only with the brigades of volunteers, the neighborhood platform has already opened several spaces of Block 11. The popular library Josep Pons (with loan service, study room and reading club) was the first premiere, the 11th of June. They have enabled access from all doors of the ship and are almost ready a large living 300 m 2 used as Auditorium. “We have managed to give us three more ships, with entry from the street Amadeu Oller, baptized as ‘Margaret Astor’ because they were offices of this brand,” explains Jordi Soler, Platform Recuperem Can Batlló. “It is planned to throw them down but at the moment they serve us as a warehouse and many entities in the neighborhood also use them to store tools and material,” he adds.

During the first quarter of 2012, they plan to move the entire Library from the attic to the ground floor, so that they have more space, once the cleaning and painting of the plant has been completed. For Christmas they have closed a few days to give their volunteers vacations, but they reopen it after the holidays. It has 15,000 books (they do not accept more donations until February, because of the avalanche received), two retired neighbors who act as librarians every afternoon and dozens of volunteers who use cataloging by topic.

“It’s a lot of work but grateful, because it creates a cooperative spirit


people have fun feeling involved and we also avoid asking for grants and having to be constantly accountable”, explains this activist from La Bordeta. “We want to take responsibility for all the works we can do alone, although of course there are things that escape us and we need to make them the City as the owner of the ship, for example fix the cover or install the elevator,” he says. The assembly of the Platform will approve in February a model of self-management that stipulates how exactly they are organized to operate the future equipment and decide the programming of activities, which will begin in the spring. Among the previous proposals there are two exhibitions, theater, climbing, ballroom dancing and photography.

We can say that it gives "shame" to see former President Chaves sitting on the bench for the ERE

Image result for Pablo Pérez Ganfornina


The Secretary of Communication of Podemos Andalucía, Pablo Pérez Ganfornina, lamented the “shame” that, as he said, produces to see an ex-president of the Junta de Andalucía sitting on the bench, referring directly to former President Manuel Chaves, who is now Monday giving testimony at the Provincial Court of Seville for the case of the ERE.

For this, Pérez Ganfornina has insisted that it is “regrettable” that “once again” be linked to Andalusia with corruption. Thus, he has hoped that the case of the EREs will be “resolved soon” in order to “clarify what happened to the money”, although, as he stressed “the problem of the PSOE government in Andalusia has not been so much what they have done with the money, but what they have not done “in matters such as dependency or employment for young people.

“This is the problem that Andalusia has, it is the government of the bicycle, which does not shine its eyes and has no project because it has not known how to end the problems of our land,” he said, referring to the socialist government.

Therefore, as he said, Podemos “assumes the role of activating a constructive opposition” that is “vigilant with those who are and with those who come” because “PP and CS do not have to offer an alternative but to hide corruption” .


Image result for corruption

In addition, Pérez Ganfornina has insisted that the relationship “corruption, Andalusia and PSOE is not from the past” because recently have appeared allegedly false papers that the Ministry of Education had contributed in a court case on a ‘dedazo’ and still “there is no response “from the Board on this.

For this reason, he criticized the PSOE “only cares about corruption when it affects another party” because in Madrid they propose a motion to the president, Cristina Cifuentes, for the controversy surrounding her master’s degree and in Andalusia “they say that the problem is of an official. ” “Sit and give explanations because otherwise they feed the feeling of impunity, that nothing happens, you can do anything and nobody pays for what you do,” he said, addressing the Junta de Andalucía.

On the other hand, has highlighted the mobilizations of pensioners that have taken place in recent days in various parts of Spain: “Long live pensioners who claim what is their own in a clear and not resigning against the central government of the PP cuts and precariousness, “he said. In this line, has stressed that the elderly “go out to the street to say that their pensions are not touched to sink.”

The secretary of Podemos has thanked the elders that “in the face of the attacks” of the Government on their pensions they have responded “with unity and dignity”. “We applaud our elders, because their struggle is rejuvenating the politics of our country putting on the board the need to have a decent pension that is the fruit of their work for many years,” he concluded.

Finally, he referred to the situation in Syria after the joint military attack of the United States (USA), France and the United Kingdom against several facilities linked to the chemical weapons program of the Syrian regime. For Podemos, this intervention “ignores the UN”, “despises” international legality and occurs just when the inspectors were going to investigate the use of chemical weapons.

“It is regrettable,” he said, while insisting that his training maintains the “no to war” because “the solution is not the fight” and less with interventions like the recent ones. Therefore, the communication secretary of Podemos Andalucía has claimed “more diplomacy”, less “selling arms” and more to meet the refugee quotas in all countries.

Ciutadans and the CUP remain outside the major television debates

Ciutadans and the CUP remain outside the major television debates

The board of directors of Barcelona Televisió (BTV) agreed on Monday to leave the candidacy of Ciutadans , Carina Mejias, and the CUP candidate , María José Lecha, out of the debate on local television . In this debate, organized jointly with the Federation of Associations of Veïns de Barcelona (FAVB), will be the mayor, Xavier Trias; the candidate of the PSC, Jaume Collboni: Alberto Fernández, of the PP; Ada Colau, from Barcelona in Comú, and Alfred Bosch, from ERC.

It will be the first of the three that will be held throughout the electoral campaign and in which the presence of the five candidates of the parties that obtained representation at the Barcelona City Council in 2011 is already assured. After Friday’s on BTV, RAC1 will broadcast theirs on the 15th in the morning and on the 21st they will broadcast the one jointly organized by TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio.

The Corporació Catalana de Radio y Televisió plans to broadcast another debate, also on TV3 and on Catalunya Ràdio simultaneously on the morning of the 12th, but on this occasion the presence of all the candidates is not guaranteed.

The Electoral Board issued a few weeks ago an instruction

The Electoral Board issued a few weeks ago an instruction

that gave rise to a certain controversy about which forces could participate in the debates, considering that the public media should cover those parties that, even without having obtained representation in the previous elections – in this In the case of the municipal governments, they had won it in other elections held throughout the mandate. Specifically, in a new instruction that required this first, the Electoral Board considered that parties that had obtained more than 5% of the votes in recent elections should receive coverage that, however, could not exceed that granted to parties that did.

they obtained representation. And to this argument the public televisions have been received to decide to leave out of the main debates to Ciutadans and the CUP. In the case of TV3, Carina Mejías and María José Lecha will participate in the morning debate on May 12, led by Mònica Terribas, where the presence of Xavier Trias is not assured, but will be excluded from the debate that will be broadcast to the 22 hours directed by journalist Ariadna Oltra and in which it is already certain that the candidate of CiU will be.

In the case of BTV, the decision of the board of directors, presided over by Carlos Nieto, PP activist and long-time adviser to Alberto Fernández, establishes that local public television will cover and interview the seven candidates, but discards that the seven are present in the debate on Friday despite the fact that one of the organizers, the Federació d ‘Associacions de Veïns, is in favor of this broader format. “We will express our complaint in the presentation of the debate on Friday,” said Lluís Rabell, president of the FAVB.

Sources of the PSC – Jaume Collboni himself has made statements in this regard -, BComú and ERC support that Ciutadans and the CUP are sitting at the debate table tomorrow, Friday, but other sources say that the five representatives designated by these parties in the board of directors of BTV adopted the agreement to give a restricted format to five unanimously, an end that was not confirmed yesterday by Carlos Nieto, the president of the council who recalled that the deliberations of the council are secret.

However, Nieto explained that his intention is to establish a rule to avoid misunderstandings “that are very uncomfortable for all” but that, in any case, that rule would not alter the decision they already adopted on Monday.

Sources of the CUP assured that they will present a resource by the decision of BTV to leave them outside. For its part, Ciutadans had not made a decision about it.

The background controversy remains the same as always. What criterion prevails in the public media: that of journalists or that of political parties?

The ERC candidate for mayor of Barcelona, Alfred Bosch , proposed yesterday that the self-employed with outstanding City Council payments do not pay their taxes until their debt is satisfied. “It is absurd that, in addition to not charging an administration, taxes you have to pay without delay.” He also stated that the companies hired by the City Council that outsource services pay the subcontractors in a reasonable time, since the Consistory pays 30 days, but some outsourced SMEs do not receive the money until after the 100. In addition, proposes to create a system of legal advice for the self-employed.

Regarding the debt of the Generalitat with the City Council, defended that the municipality supla to the Government in the attention to basic rights that can not attend “because it is suffering a lot and suffers suffocation.” On the other hand, he opened the door to negotiate the conversion of the T-12 transport ticket into a T-16 so that pre-teens can have more discounts.

The Board rejects the amendment to the whole Credit, which will be approved next Friday

Image result for rejection


The General Assembly of the Principality of Asturias (JGPA) has rejected the amendment of Forum Asturias that sought to return the draft Extraordinary Credit Law to the Government. The measure has had the support of the three deputies of Forum Asturias, the abstention of Citizens and the opposing votes of PSOE, PP, Podemos and Izquierda Unida. With the vote on Thursday, the loan will continue with its parliamentary procedure and will be approved next Friday with the support of the PSOE, Podemos and IU.

The spokeswoman of Asturias Forum, Cristina Coto, has defended this Thursday its total amendment contrary to the credit of 111.3 million euros proposed by the Government, on understanding that “it does not respond to the interest” of the Principality.

The Minister of Finance and Public Sector, Dolores Carcedo, has taken the floor in the first place to defend the law that today was intended to amend, criticizing the Forum “worry more with whom than what is agreed.” He has considered “difficult to understand” that groups that oppose the credit law “get upset” by current spending and social spending while proposing amendments for more spending.

Taking into account that the Government presented the draft bill “with transparency” to all the groups, Carcedo regretted that “some groups” changed their opinion regarding the loan after the approval of the same by the Governing Council.

The amendment of the Forum reflects that the proposal of the Executive “only obeys the interest of the Government of Asturias in giving continuity to socialist budgets extended after the return of the Project for 2018, which year after year have dragged us to the tail of Spain”.

The president of the Forum has criticized aspects of the bill, such as the fires in the south-west, the matching of personnel in health emergencies, the “abandonment” of concerted education or the Administration of Justice. On this last point, Coto has lamented that the Asturian Justice “exploded of abandonment” while the credit was negotiated. The solution of the Government, has lamented, “they are 600,000 euros.” They will be lucky if with this they rehabilitate a court “, has asserted.


Image result for criticism

Coto has referred to the game destined to amortize debt, of 45 million, criticizing that the Government seeks to approve a loan to pay debt, “a pufo for more pufo”, leaving “only” 44 million euros for current expenditure. In short, the Forum leader criticized this project, calling it a “budget fragment” and stating that it “does not face” the problems of Asturias.

In the same line the deputy of Citizens Armando Fernandez Bartolomé has criticized that the Asturian Government lives “of borrowed”, accumulating a “snowball of money that we owe” because the Executive has been “incapable” of articulating policies that remove to Asturias from This “vortex”.

The “dependency on indebtedness” is, in his opinion, “a very serious matter”. Instead of borrowing to “pay debt”, Citizens consider it necessary to undertake “very deep” and structural changes, with measures to generate employment. “The policies that radiograph this budget ‘microproject’ are not going to take Asturias out of the situation it is in, we are convinced,” he asserted.


The spokesman of Izquierda Unida, Gaspar Llamazares, has defended the legislative project for its social commitment and the investments contemplated in it, and has criticized the position of Forum Asturias, with which the training seeks to “mark an alternative to the Government” to a year of the regional elections.

The fact that PSOE, Podemos and IU have managed to agree the loan is, according to the spokesman, a “lever” that allows to endow certain items such as the program contract with the University, actions in health infrastructure, or the fight against air pollution. It is also a “lever” to “introduce changes in the management of these aspects in the last year of the legislature”.

The spokesman of the coalition of lefts has criticized the position of PP and Forum to suggest “contubernios” around the credit and to assure that a “tripartite coalition of radicals” exists in the autonomic camera. “This credit does not give so much, to make an electoral strategy,” he stressed.

From Podemos the parliamentarian Enrique López has rejected the amendment of Forum, as well as his “theories of conspiracies, tripartite and others”. However, it has come to the defense of the Forum in response to the Government’s criticisms for “delaying” the process by presenting this amendment. “It is not fair to attribute to Forum or any other group some blame that only corresponds to the Government that did not act as its responsibility obliged,” he said.

Regarding the credit law, he has defended the support of his group to the text for having achieved “progress for the people”, with a 50 percent reduction in family fees for Early Childhood Education. With the support of the proposal of the socialist government, from Podemos they seek “to continue advancing towards a political and social change that improves the lives of the people in Asturias”.

For the PP the law of Credit is “a consolation prize”, as affirmed by the parliamentarian José Agustín Cuervas-Mons. The ‘popular’ deputy has criticized that in the process of negotiating this credit there has been “more transparency for some than for others” and has once again referred to agreements “below the table”. “I think there are, if not, do not understand inexplicable turns in the process,” he said.


The deputy of the PSOE Margarita Vega has left this Thursday in defense of the credit law and has criticized that the right seeks to “wear down” the government although that means “harming” the Asturians.

This attitude is due, in his view, to the fact that the right “fears the left” when it acts jointly and “pulls its claws” to charge against them. The debate around the credit law, he said, “portrays” this type of attitude.

The Project “has managed to get the masks of the rights down, showing their true face”, according to Vega. The socialist parliamentarian has referred to the “face” of those who prefer “to maintain privileges before adopting measures for equality” or to lower taxes “to a few” before deploying measures “for all”.

“This law stands on its own, has a clear, egalitarian political background, to take forward policies that allow progress,” he summarized.

Prevent Heart Attack Through Natural Remedies

Eggs. There’s on if eggs are a healthier a part of a healthy diet, an unbroken question. Some claim while some claim the entire egg ought to be included in the diet, it’s best to merely eat egg whites. Here is a consider the health benefits of eggs: eggwhites versus total eggs.

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