Ciutadans and the CUP remain outside the major television debates

Ciutadans and the CUP remain outside the major television debates

The board of directors of Barcelona Televisió (BTV) agreed on Monday to leave the candidacy of Ciutadans , Carina Mejias, and the CUP candidate , María José Lecha, out of the debate on local television . In this debate, organized jointly with the Federation of Associations of Veïns de Barcelona (FAVB), will be the mayor, Xavier Trias; the candidate of the PSC, Jaume Collboni: Alberto Fernández, of the PP; Ada Colau, from Barcelona in Comú, and Alfred Bosch, from ERC.

It will be the first of the three that will be held throughout the electoral campaign and in which the presence of the five candidates of the parties that obtained representation at the Barcelona City Council in 2011 is already assured. After Friday’s on BTV, RAC1 will broadcast theirs on the 15th in the morning and on the 21st they will broadcast the one jointly organized by TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio.

The Corporació Catalana de Radio y Televisió plans to broadcast another debate, also on TV3 and on Catalunya Ràdio simultaneously on the morning of the 12th, but on this occasion the presence of all the candidates is not guaranteed.

The Electoral Board issued a few weeks ago an instruction

The Electoral Board issued a few weeks ago an instruction

that gave rise to a certain controversy about which forces could participate in the debates, considering that the public media should cover those parties that, even without having obtained representation in the previous elections – in this In the case of the municipal governments, they had won it in other elections held throughout the mandate. Specifically, in a new instruction that required this first, the Electoral Board considered that parties that had obtained more than 5% of the votes in recent elections should receive coverage that, however, could not exceed that granted to parties that did.

they obtained representation. And to this argument the public televisions have been received to decide to leave out of the main debates to Ciutadans and the CUP. In the case of TV3, Carina Mejías and María José Lecha will participate in the morning debate on May 12, led by Mònica Terribas, where the presence of Xavier Trias is not assured, but will be excluded from the debate that will be broadcast to the 22 hours directed by journalist Ariadna Oltra and in which it is already certain that the candidate of CiU will be.

In the case of BTV, the decision of the board of directors, presided over by Carlos Nieto, PP activist and long-time adviser to Alberto Fernández, establishes that local public television will cover and interview the seven candidates, but discards that the seven are present in the debate on Friday despite the fact that one of the organizers, the Federació d ‘Associacions de Veïns, is in favor of this broader format. “We will express our complaint in the presentation of the debate on Friday,” said Lluís Rabell, president of the FAVB.

Sources of the PSC – Jaume Collboni himself has made statements in this regard -, BComú and ERC support that Ciutadans and the CUP are sitting at the debate table tomorrow, Friday, but other sources say that the five representatives designated by these parties in the board of directors of BTV adopted the agreement to give a restricted format to five unanimously, an end that was not confirmed yesterday by Carlos Nieto, the president of the council who recalled that the deliberations of the council are secret.

However, Nieto explained that his intention is to establish a rule to avoid misunderstandings “that are very uncomfortable for all” but that, in any case, that rule would not alter the decision they already adopted on Monday.

Sources of the CUP assured that they will present a resource by the decision of BTV to leave them outside. For its part, Ciutadans had not made a decision about it.

The background controversy remains the same as always. What criterion prevails in the public media: that of journalists or that of political parties?

The ERC candidate for mayor of Barcelona, Alfred Bosch , proposed yesterday that the self-employed with outstanding City Council payments do not pay their taxes until their debt is satisfied. “It is absurd that, in addition to not charging an administration, taxes you have to pay without delay.” He also stated that the companies hired by the City Council that outsource services pay the subcontractors in a reasonable time, since the Consistory pays 30 days, but some outsourced SMEs do not receive the money until after the 100. In addition, proposes to create a system of legal advice for the self-employed.

Regarding the debt of the Generalitat with the City Council, defended that the municipality supla to the Government in the attention to basic rights that can not attend “because it is suffering a lot and suffers suffocation.” On the other hand, he opened the door to negotiate the conversion of the T-12 transport ticket into a T-16 so that pre-teens can have more discounts.

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