We can say that it gives "shame" to see former President Chaves sitting on the bench for the ERE

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The Secretary of Communication of Podemos Andalucía, Pablo Pérez Ganfornina, lamented the “shame” that, as he said, produces to see an ex-president of the Junta de Andalucía sitting on the bench, referring directly to former President Manuel Chaves, who is now Monday giving testimony at the Provincial Court of Seville for the case of the ERE.

For this, Pérez Ganfornina has insisted that it is “regrettable” that “once again” be linked to Andalusia with corruption. Thus, he has hoped that the case of the EREs will be “resolved soon” in order to “clarify what happened to the money”, although, as he stressed “the problem of the PSOE government in Andalusia has not been so much what they have done with the money, but what they have not done “in matters such as dependency or employment for young people.

“This is the problem that Andalusia has, it is the government of the bicycle, which does not shine its eyes and has no project because it has not known how to end the problems of our land,” he said, referring to the socialist government.

Therefore, as he said, Podemos “assumes the role of activating a constructive opposition” that is “vigilant with those who are and with those who come” because “PP and CS do not have to offer an alternative but to hide corruption” .


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In addition, Pérez Ganfornina has insisted that the relationship “corruption, Andalusia and PSOE is not from the past” because recently have appeared allegedly false papers that the Ministry of Education had contributed in a court case on a ‘dedazo’ and still “there is no response “from the Board on this.

For this reason, he criticized the PSOE “only cares about corruption when it affects another party” because in Madrid they propose a motion to the president, Cristina Cifuentes, for the controversy surrounding her master’s degree and in Andalusia “they say that the problem is of an official. ” “Sit and give explanations because otherwise they feed the feeling of impunity, that nothing happens, you can do anything and nobody pays for what you do,” he said, addressing the Junta de Andalucía.

On the other hand, has highlighted the mobilizations of pensioners that have taken place in recent days in various parts of Spain: “Long live pensioners who claim what is their own in a clear and not resigning against the central government of the PP cuts and precariousness, “he said. In this line, has stressed that the elderly “go out to the street to say that their pensions are not touched to sink.”

The secretary of Podemos has thanked the elders that “in the face of the attacks” of the Government on their pensions they have responded “with unity and dignity”. “We applaud our elders, because their struggle is rejuvenating the politics of our country putting on the board the need to have a decent pension that is the fruit of their work for many years,” he concluded.

Finally, he referred to the situation in Syria after the joint military attack of the United States (USA), France and the United Kingdom against several facilities linked to the chemical weapons program of the Syrian regime. For Podemos, this intervention “ignores the UN”, “despises” international legality and occurs just when the inspectors were going to investigate the use of chemical weapons.

“It is regrettable,” he said, while insisting that his training maintains the “no to war” because “the solution is not the fight” and less with interventions like the recent ones. Therefore, the communication secretary of Podemos Andalucía has claimed “more diplomacy”, less “selling arms” and more to meet the refugee quotas in all countries.

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